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The Key Ingredient

In last week's issue it appears the link didn't work for my Uncle's obituary. This one should work, i
In last week’s issue it appears the link didn’t work for my Uncle’s obituary.
This one should work, if you’re interested.
Now, on to this week’s letter 👇
Thanks, as always, reading.

Methylamine 🧪
Elizabeth and I just finished watching Breaking Bad a couple of months ago on Netflix.
We never watched it when it was on TV despite everyone saying how good it is.
If you’re familiar with the show and its anti-hero Walter White, you may also recall the lengths they went to in order to procure the chemical methylamine for their “cooking.”
You might even call methylamine the key ingredient to their illicit business on the show.
Which brings me to a question…
What’s the key ingredient in your financial plan?
Is it your investment portfolio?
Your future earnings potential (if you’re not already retired)?
Your ability to save?
Your willingness to live within your means?
A business you own?
Real estate?
This list could go on forever…
Based on the questions I’m often asked and some of the conversations I have with folks, it seems like many people are looking for that singular “fix” for their finances.
A silver bullet.
The key ingredient.
But, based on watching Breaking Bad, it seems that while methylamine might have been THE key ingredient, it was still part of a recipe that included other ingredients, steps, measurements, different temperatures, and more.
Guess what?
Your financial planning and decision making is much the same.
Sure, there may be one factor that has more influence than others when it comes to your money, but in my experience it’s the combination of financial factors - or ingredients - that will give you the best chance for success, no matter how you define it.
And here’s the kicker…
Your personal financial recipe - key ingredient included - is personal.
It will be different from the financial recipe for your family, friends, and coworkers.
Just as it should be.
What do you think?
Hit reply and share what you believe your financial “key ingredient” is.
For Elizabeth and I, it’s our savings + living well within our means.
How about you?
I’m curious to hear from you on this.
I'm Not Crying, You Are!
If you haven’t seen this commercial from Germany, there’s no dialogue, but it says a lot.
Watch it below:
You Must Watch This Kettlebell Christmas Commercial
You Must Watch This Kettlebell Christmas Commercial
And think about what motivates how you make decisions, spend your time, spend your money, and more…
Put another way,
If your WHY is big enough, you’ll always find the HOW
Food for thought…
And a wonderful commercial in my humble opinion.
The Secret to Happiness
I’ve shared this video before, but it’s been years ago.
And as we’re all still dealing with more and more time spent at home where weekdays blur into weekends and vice versa, I think this video is an entertaining (and timely) reminder about how to cultivate happiness in your life:
The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor
The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor
While the speaker is talking about happiness at work, I think this “recipe” extends to all areas of your life.
So hit reply and tell me one thing you’re grateful for.
As for me, I’m grateful for each of you taking time out of your busy schedule to read my thoughts and things I find interesting.
Until next Wednesday,

Postscript: OK, this isn’t technically “indie” music, but I wanted to share something a super-talented college buddy of mine published on YouTube back in October. So check out Steve Hall performing a one-man cover of Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog. 🎵
Why indie music? Please read the Postscript of Issue #2 for context.

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